Hey there!

I'm Yen!

At 12, I stumbled upon Photoshop, and by 14, I was creating websites like a caffeinated spider on a caffeine high!

I'm basically a career chameleon, going from a "Dr. Dreamy" pre-med hopeful to a self-taught design wizard.

Yep, I've got a healthy dose of imposter syndrome because I didn't go to art school.

I'm humbled to have lead product design at Medable, HumanFirst, and Actium, guiding them to success. Notably, I was the pioneering designer at HomeUnion and Wedding.com, and both of these companies were acquired, marking more than a decade of my unwavering leadership in the industry.

An Asian woman in a  large parka in front of snow covered mountains.

How I work

To me, failure is like tripping on a banana peel at a fancy party. It's not a stumbling block; it's a stepping stone to becoming a world-class acrobat! I mean, who needs success all the time, right?

I take immense pride in my ability to pose profound questions and champion lean, yet potent solutions in the design journey while bringing people together. I'm a proud champion of asking the deepest, most mind-boggling questions, like "Why is a hot dog called a hot dog?" And I'm all about lean solutions.

I'm an explorer of uncharted territories, kind of like a pirate searching for buried treasure (or maybe just a snack) in different industries. "What-ifs" are my treasure map, leading my team through the jungle of complex problems with grace (and the occasional vine-swinging).

I'm all about keeping it simple. I'm the guide who helps the team find the perfect balance between our wild design dreams and the need to make actual money. I'm not just a team player; I'm like an ideas matchmaker, bringing people together to cook up fresh and innovative approaches.

Graphic Design
UX Design
UX Research

Personal life and where I get inspiration

I'm a sponge for learning. My myers-briggs tells all, I'm an INTJ.

From 3d printing, painting, baking, I find inspiration all around me. You'll catch me either doing any of those things or I'm reading and learning something new.


Design: Figma.  Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator.  HTML + CSS. Responsive Design (Bootstrap). GIF Animations.  Creating Flows and diagrams. Omnigraffle.  Marketo - Email template designs.

Analytics:  Google Analytics 4, Amplitude, Heap Analytics, Log Rocket, Google Tag Manager

Prototype: Figma, Invision

Learning: Machine Learning, Google Ads

Other:  Kajabi, Wordpress, Marketo (extensive knowledge for Email Marketing, token and landing page creation).