Hi, my name is Slim..sh I mean Yenith LianTyHao

Crafting narratives, shaping experiences, building relationships, and nurturing lives - that's my role. Explore my journey.

I'm a Design Leader, Storyteller, Partner, and Mom.
An Asian woman in a  large parka in front of snow covered mountains.

My Journey

Unlocking unparalleled value, I blend the art of storytelling with collaborative finesse. As a Design Leader, Business and Marketing Strategist, and fervent Machine Learning Enthusiast, I emerge from a diverse tapestry of expertise, setting me apart in a league of my own.
👸🏻 Self Taught Design Leader (10+ Years)
At just 12 years old, I unearthed the wonders of Photoshop, crafting websites that dazzled through high school and college. While deep in my pre-medical studies, my heart whispered of a deeper passion for design. Long before bootcamps were en vogue, I delved into endless app designs, honing my craft until securing an internship that eventually led to a management role at Wedding.com (now Weddingchicks).

In the early stages of my career, as a new and single mom, I aspired to join the ranks of tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook. It wasn't until a pivotal conversation with a Business Coach that my path shifted. He posed a question that resonated deeply: "Do you want to be a big fish in a small pond?"

Recognizing the potential for greater influence in smaller startups, I embarked on a journey that saw me transition from a founding designer to a Design Leader, catalyzing growth by scaling teams from a single designer to three. With a fervent dedication to design systems and accessibility for all, I stand as a steadfast advocate for inclusive design practices.
💪🏼 Business & Marketing Strategist
With a thirst for knowledge, I've ventured into entrepreneurship and immersed myself in the complexities of SEO, short form content, guided by the expertise of trusted business partners and colleagues. Throughout my journey as a product designer, marketing has been an essential component of my skill set.

In my design process, I meticulously factor in the audience, language nuances, and effective methods to convey both the designs and messaging. It's imperative for me to ensure accessibility and optimize search engine visibility in every aspect of my work.
👩🏻‍💻 Machine Learning Enthusiast
I'm deeply passionate about all things data—from its capture and organization to its visualization and interpretation by individuals. The sheer volume of data available is incredibly captivating, and exploring its potential applications is both intricate and enthralling. During my downtime, I'm immersing myself in Python and delving into the intricacies of mLOPs, further expanding my knowledge and skills in this fascinating field.

As our world embraces the realm of AI, it becomes imperative to have thought leaders who not only comprehend how these systems are constructed but also grasp the vast potential of what we can create with them.

My Values

1. Failure
To me, failure is like tripping on a banana peel at a fancy party. It's not a stumbling block; it's a stepping stone to becoming a world-class acrobat!

2. Be Curious
I take immense pride in my ability to pose profound questions and champion lean, yet potent solutions in the design journey while bringing people together. I'm a proud champion of asking the deepest, most mind-boggling questions, like "Why is a hot dog called a hot dog?" And I'm all about lean solutions.

3. Keep it simple
I'm the guide who helps the team find the perfect balance between our wild design dreams and the need to make actual money. I'm not just a team player; I'm like an ideas matchmaker, bringing people together to cook up fresh and innovative approaches.