Don't just take my word for it...

Brett Reynolds

Founder & CEO @Wedconnect
It gives me great pleasure and also sadness to write this letter of recommendation for Yenith.  I am sad because I know Yenith will be moving on to new exciting challenges beyond  Yenith has single handedly had the greatest impact on the product.  Without her hard work and dedication I am not sure where this company would be.  I have worked side-by-side with Yenith for the last two and half years.  For those two and a half years, I watched Yenith transform our product and work nights, weekends and do whatever it took to make a success.  She is the hardest working and most passionate designer I have ever worked with.

During her time at Yenith was responsible for the overall design of the website and mobile development.  Yenith was a successful, easy to manage, and she always went above and beyond what was expected of her.  She demonstrated a thirst for knowledge and staying on the cutting edge of design standards and always wanted to learn more.  She also demonstrated her leadership capabilities when asked to manage interns and mentor them into permanent positions.

While I’ll certainly miss working with Yenith, I’m sure she will be able to make an immediate as well as positive impact on your organization.  She will probably be one of the best hires you ever make, as she was definitely mine. block.

William Wan

Senior Backend Engineer@Medable
Yenith was the design lead on our product team. She is one of the most talented, well rounded UX-ers that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Yenith joined our team and onboarded faster than others on both the technical and business aspects of our team’s clinical data products. As a fast moving start up, speed in execution as well as a clear understanding of the underlying problem are critical. Yenith worked closely with the product and engineering members of the team to ensure that designs were both technically feasible and made the appropriate trade offs between usability and business constraints. On our team, Yenith led countless research sessions with stakeholders. She goes beyond simply gathering feature requests but also identifies the underlying problems that our team needs to solve. Our stakeholders included those internal to the Medable as well as representatives from large pharmaceutical companies. Yenith actively participated in the software development process by giving feedback to engineers building features as well as creating JIRA tickets for sanity check observations. In times when it was tempting to cut corners, her approach and designs always pushed the team’s products towards quality and a better user experience. Overall, Yenith’s skills in collaboration, understanding complex problem spaces, research, and creating effective, user-centric designs would make her an extremely valuable designer on any team.

Christophe Viau

Design Director@Medable
“Yen is not a regular designer. Of course she masters the whole process from discovery to user journey, to low and high-fidelity mockup, to design QA and customer satisfaction. But as her manager, I could witness two special talents that makes her stand out. First, not all designers can dive into complex technical topics (the medical data space is hard) and see through confusing requirements to find clever solutions. Second, Yen is bringing people together; that's how she leads. She listens, learns and shares. From stakeholders to engineers, to users, to clients at big pharma companies, people want to collaborate with her because she cultivates empathy at a level I rarely saw before.”

Megan Chesnut

Senior UX Researcher@Medable
"I worked directly with Yen on a product team where she was the design lead. I was impressed by Yen’s ability to ensure end users were part of her design process every step of the way. She effectively leveraged qualitative interviews, journey mapping, and usability testing to craft valuable, usable experiences for users despite tight timelines and technical constraints. Yen embraces challenges with a fantastic attitude and her positive energy is contagious. I am incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Yen and highly recommend her."

Joshua Bryant

Director of UX & Product Design@Medable
I was honored to work with Yen on the product design team at Medable. She was a particularly outstanding designer and team member on multiple fronts. She joined Medable’s product design team in the midst of a lot of chaotic product and strategy changes and wasn’t intimidated, but proceeded to jump right in and begin collaborating. Her contribution to the product and impact on the team were immense.

Yen’s ability to dive into complex problem areas and quickly do discovery to understand all the angles before tackling solutions was really incredible and had a particular constructive impact on the team. She’s a true advocate for the end-user and shows empathy for them in her design solutions at every turn. There were many times where the team she was working with didn’t have the optimal support, and she consistently worked around that to find solutions regardless and execute by being scrappy and using whatever resources she could find. It was brilliant creativity not only exemplified in the work, but also in the approach.

Beyond her user experience and problem solving talent, Yen just consistently up-leveled the culture within our design team on a daily basis with her attitude and approach. I have an enormous amount of respect for her ability to not just grind through challenges, but to do it with a smile and positive attitude the whole way, bringing everyone along with her and promoting a culture of teamwork, ownership, and positivity. Yen truly led by example.

Matt Schoolfield

Senior Product Designer@Medable
I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Yenith on several high impact projects at Medable. She is an exceptional designer, user experience advocate and overall awesome teammate! Her strength lies in her inquisitive nature and steadfast understanding of the product to provide high quality design solutions. She is also super proactive at pushing solutions forward through engineering, QA and production. Any team would be lucky to have her and I hope our paths cross again.