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Product design leader with 12+ years in the startup industry.

AI-Powered Design Maverick

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AI/ B2B / App

Atlassian Codegeist Hackathon 2023

WE WON! Leveraging Generative AI in Jira to create user stories, and acceptance criteria.
Jira image of Magic Stories
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B2B / Web

Advancing research with precision measure

Revolutionizing our information architecture – to increase engagement and conversions.
Image of information architecture for HumanFirst
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AI /ML B2b / Web

Transform Couds of Healthcare Data into Clear Next Steps

Behold, the maestro of user experiences, orchestrating the MVP SMS Program from its awkward baby steps to its full-blown texting symphony!
Locked Dashboard VIew of Actium Centari
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AI/ ML / B2B / B2C / Responsive Web

Purchase an investment property with Mynd.co

Elevating the property hunt with advanced filters. We're not just improving; we're giving investors the superpowers to sift through properties like they're on a real estate treasure hunt.
Real estate properties in card view
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B2C / Responsive Web

Maximizing conversion at SLR Lounge

Maximizing  $$$ conversions and user experience at the  premier photography educational magazine B2C / Responsive Web
Recent photography articles on display
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B2b/ Web app

Data Change Access App for Clinical Trials

Went from 0 to customer enablement.
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