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Design Lead
2014 - 2019


HomeUnion faced a significant hurdle with its outdated property search page. The existing design was not responsive, causing difficulties for the 60% of users accessing the platform from mobile devices. The desktop version also fell short in user-friendliness, lacking essential filtering options for beds, baths, school ratings, neighborhoods, and more. Furthermore, the filters were not concealable, leading to a cluttered interface. To complicate matters, all property listings appeared below the fold, rendering them hidden from users' initial view. This layout created confusion among users who weren't aware of the available properties right beneath their search results.

Another critical issue was the similarity between the property search and the portfolio builder. Users struggled to differentiate between the two, leading to a less-than-ideal experience.
HomeUnion encountered a considerable challenge with its antiquated property search page. The design, lacking responsiveness, posed issues for the 60% of users who primarily accessed the platform via mobile devices.
Design, Strategy, HTML & CSS
Acquired by Mynd.co in 2019
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The Idea

Recognizing the need for immediate action, HomeUnion engaged in extensive research involving real estate investors to better understand their needs and experiences. It became evident that the existing design was detrimental to user engagement and was deterring potential investors.

The solution involved a multifaceted approach. First, an expansion of search capabilities was deemed necessary, enabling users to access the information they needed conveniently. Two distinct views, card view and list view, were introduced to cater to various investor preferences. The card view placed a strong focus on property images, targeting users who were visually inclined, while the list view appealed to those who prioritized metrics and data.

The "Save To" Feature

A crucial addition to the platform was the "Save To" feature, allowing users to add properties to either a watch list or a specific portfolio. This enhancement not only encouraged user engagement but also personalized the experience. Investors could now curate their watch list and save potential portfolios, offering them a more tailored and efficient way to manage their investments. For example, if a user found a property of interest during a Texas search, they could add it to their Texas Portfolio, streamlining their investment strategy.

Display of a wish list

Team and My Role:

I had the privilege of working directly under the guidance of Ramin Vatanparast, who served as the Director of Product Management during this period.

My Contribution:

This project presented a unique set of challenges, but the sense of accomplishment it brought was immeasurable. While collaborating closely with the Director of Product Management based in the Bay Area, I took the lead in conducting meetings with cross-functional teams, including Asset Management, Rehab, Engineering, and Marketing, especially during the director's absence from the office.

From the project's inception, encompassing design conception, wireframing, prototyping, and engaging in discussions with investors, we embarked on a journey to revamp the property search experience. The outcome was a revamped search functionality that significantly enhanced user engagement, evident from the increased time users spent on the site. Moreover, we successfully expanded the property listings available in the search results and enabled users to add properties to their portfolio watchlist, a significant milestone. This achievement greatly pleased our business development team.

Notably, our company witnessed substantial growth, generating more revenue with a reduced sales team. This indicated that by providing investors with more comprehensive information, an improved user experience, and retaining them on the site for longer durations, we had achieved remarkable results.

The revamped property search now serves as the foundation for our INVESTimate product, showcasing its enduring impact on our suite of services.

We were so short staffed.  I had to step in to speed things up even faster.  I worked hand in hand with our developer.


HomeUnion's proactive response to user feedback and the need for a more efficient, user-friendly platform led to a substantial transformation. By implementing a range of enhancements, including improved search capabilities, distinct viewing options, and the "Save To" feature, the property search page became a vital tool for real estate investors. This case study illustrates the power of strategic design in enhancing the user experience and fostering engagement. It also underscores HomeUnion's commitment to providing a dynamic platform for its users, catering to diverse investor preferences and ultimately enhancing their real estate investment journey.


This page has evolved more than any other page on our site. This will never end.

A 2023 redesign was done by Mynd.co - the old functionalities are there, but now it just looks better and is up to date in design trends and user needs.