Revolutionizing Scheduling for System Pavers before COVID-19

UX Design Consultant
August 2019 - December 2019.


In a world where efficiency is the name of the game, the ability to schedule appointments seamlessly can make all the difference. System Pavers recognized this, and in this case study, we explore how a simple idea evolved into a transformative project. The mission was clear: to revamp the internal scheduling tool used by the Call Center and Design Consultants nationwide. Not only did this initiative lead to an enhancement of the consumer-facing online scheduler, but it also underlined the importance of bridging the gap between internal operations and customer experience.

A redesign of the internal scheduling tool, initially catering to the Call Center and Design Consultants, that paved the way for enhancements on the consumer-facing online scheduler. The mission was clear: What's improved on one side must seamlessly reflect on the other. The project aimed to introduce key features, including appointment time selection and the choice between online or in-home consultations.
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How we did it

The project started by focusing on the internal scheduling tool used by the Call Center and Design Consultants. The aim was to streamline operations and enhance the tool's functionality. This transformation wasn't just about improving one part of the process; it was about ensuring that the entire journey, from internal operations to the end-user experience, was seamless.

The magic happened when we realized that the enhancements required for the internal tool could also breathe new life into the consumer-facing online scheduler. It was like a lightbulb moment – what benefits one, benefits all. The project paved the way for customers to select appointment times and decide whether they preferred online consultations or in-home meetings. This marked a significant step forward in offering customers more personalized choices.

I worked with the team to determine the constraints we had and what we could do be delivered before some big marketing hoidays coming up to leverage the ad campaigns traffic.

I teamed up with the visual designer (the awesome Taylor Wolff) and we worked together to create a solution. I created the wireframes that would be for the whole experience, and the visual designer would take on the whole design (He did such a beautiful and awesome job!).

What I was in charge of

From conceptualization to alignment with business objectives, I meticulously crafted wireframes that not only addressed essential business requirements but also incorporated the vital needs of our consumers. This comprehensive approach involved close collaboration with all stakeholders, including in-depth discussions and interviews with call center agents and design experts.

In fact, I went the extra mile by taking on the testing process, ensuring a hands-on involvement from start to finish. It was a holistic endeavor that covered the entire spectrum of design. Subsequently, the design baton was passed to a seasoned visual designer, guaranteeing a seamless integration of the design within the System Paver brand identity.

The Process

The moment of truth had arrived – time to cast a critical eye on our application. You see, our sales team had been busy selling an idea to brokers and real estate agents, a concept that was still in the making.

So, we huddled together as a team, forming an alliance with our engineering wizards, the trusty product manager, and the CEO. It was like assembling the Avengers, but with less capes and more laptops. Our mission? To craft not just a platform but an entire unforgettable experience, and yes, that included emails too.

We left no digital stone unturned, from scrutinizing the desktop app to envisioning its mobile counterpart. We embarked on a quest to discover the most streamlined path to white-labeling our product, a bit like trying to make a gourmet meal with a toaster. And voilà! The grand plan emerged, a well-coordinated assault strategy that covered both our application and the email nurturing campaigns. It was a bit like preparing for a culinary feast with a side of marketing magic!

Each whitelabel platform would have their own unique colors, logo and unique tracking.

We were so short staffed.  I had to step in to speed things up even faster.  I worked hand in hand with our developer.


1. Uniformity in Action: The first challenge was to ensure that what worked on one side of the curtain should work just as smoothly on the other. Bridging the gap between the internal scheduling tool and the consumer-facing online scheduler required precision and consistency.

2. Enhanced Functionality: Additional features were in demand. The ability for consumers to select appointment times and to decide whether it would be an online or in-home meeting was vital. It was like evolving from basic cable to a streaming service, providing customers with more choices and control.

3. Cross Collaboration:  Being that I was a consultant, it was important to involve myself more with the sales team, marketing, design and engineering team.



Before display


Internal tool after display

Flows (Consumer Facing):

Experience Flow 1Experience Flow 2 for System Pavers

Flows (Internal Facing):

Internal Flow - System Pavers


The project's success was twofold. Internally, the new and improved scheduling tool streamlined operations, making life easier for the Call Center and Design Consultants. Externally, the consumer-facing online scheduler offered customers a more tailored experience, with the added flexibility to choose appointment times and meeting preferences.

In 2020, this feature became even more apparent as in-home appointments almost came obsolete and there was no an increase of online design appointments. Design panning was now done virtually.


This case study underscores System Pavers' commitment to achieving both operational efficiency and an enhanced customer journey. By aligning internal and external scheduling processes and introducing valuable features, the company achieved a holistic transformation that resonated positively with both employees and customers. It exemplifies the power of consistency and adaptability in delivering exceptional service.

We had designed this experience in 2019 before COVID-19 would take a hit and where virtually all design appointments all became virtual.

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